University of Chester’s Lecturer and Tutor Awards Revealed

Do not ever let it be said that students are not grateful for the teaching that they are receiving. Especially not if you are talking about the students at the University of Chester. The school, which was granted university status in 2005, gives out awards each year to the lecturers, tutors, and other staff at the university to recognize their incredible efforts from the previous year. The awards have been renamed the 1839 Awards this year, after the year that the institution was originally founded, representing the UK’s first ever purpose-built teaching training college. Each year the awards are arranged by the Chester Students’ Union and are voted for by the student population.

There are so many great teachers out there that do not get the recognition that they deserve for shaping the minds of the future. When they do wrong, it is called out, but they are rarely ever given props for their hard work and care for students. The best of the best deserve to know how much they mean to the students. And that does not just apply to teachers. More than just the ones actually doing the teaching, the university support staff is in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the year. They are the ones that make your last minute drop of a class possible and they are the ones fighting for your seat in an overfull class. They are making sure that we have school to attend every day and that is something that we need to reward. You would not believe how much it means to the support staff that these awards exist.

In what was the seventh annual presentation of the awards, many were recognized for their great achievements at the Storyhouse. Ben France, president of the Students’ Union was on hand with senior pro-vice-chancellor Dr. Chris Haslam to present the awards. Among the categories that awards were handed out for were Fresh Student Living Student Experience Rep of the Year (recognizing the difference that SERs have made on student experience throughout the year), Outstanding Academic Support Staff (recognizing those whose day-to-day support is essential to students, whether they are an administrator or technician), Outstanding Personal Academic Tutor or Professional Mentor (for those that go the extra mile to support their students in their efforts outside of the classroom), and Most Helpful Feedback (for the lecturers or teachers that give the most timely and helpful feedback throughout the year, whether it is on grading exams and assignments to open office hours).

This year’s awards, as many in the past, were very emotional, as the teachers that were surprised with recognition for their achievement felt immense flattery. One of the support staff members who received an honorable mention burst into tears, which was quickly made more special by a group of students coming to hug her and show their appreciation. Through the tears were feelings of immense joy and pride for helping students. The head of the Students’ Union said after that he was excited to pass this tradition on to future years.