Math Student

Why Aren’t Students Learning Math

There is a stereotype in math based on race that has been fairly common throughout the years. Although it is actually very positive, as with any stereotype, it is important not to give it too much credibility. However, the idea that Asian students are better at math

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University of Chester’s Lecturer and Tutor Awards Revealed

Do not ever let it be said that students are not grateful for the teaching that they are receiving. Especially not if you are talking about the students at the University of Chester. The school, which was granted university status in 2005, gives out awards ..

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Tutoring: Catching Up or Jumping Ahead ?

The market for private tutoring is booming like never before, with students all around the country gaining access to tutors like never before and taking advantage of those new opportunities. There are many reasons that one might seek out the help of a tutor ..

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English Teacher

English Language Tutors Find New Opportunities in China

In the past, finding clients to tutor could be a difficult experience. The barriers to entry into the tutoring business were that you needed some word of mouth to get going and you were physically constrained by the area that you were in. Both the demand for ..

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Chineese Language

Chinese: Madrid’s Hottest Language

Somebody really needs to look into whoever it is and was that has done such a great job of marketing the French language. It is fairly mind-boggling how huge the language is around the world when you consider the populations where it is natively spoken. ..

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